The Secrets of the Tree: Reconnection (Mlp theory)


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# The Secrets of the Tree: Reconnection (Mlp theory)

## The Origins of the Elements of Harmony

The tree of harmony, once a powerful entity that protected Equestria and gave hope to all, held many secrets within its branches. These secrets, kept hidden by Princess Celestia herself, are now coming to light.

## The First Bearers of the Elements

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were the first to harness the power of the elements of harmony. They used them to defeat powerful foes like Discord and King Sombra, showcasing their mastery of offensive magic.

## Celestia’s Foresight

Celestia’s ability to foresee events and trust in the power of friendship played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of Equestria. From sending Twilight to face challenges to reforming Discord, Celestia’s actions were guided by a greater plan.

## The Tree’s Manifestation

After the formation of the School of Friendship, the tree of harmony transformed into the spirit of harmony, a separate entity with its own goals. The spirit tested the Student Six and ultimately made a decision that would impact the future of Equestria.

## The Tree’s Plan Unveiled

The tree of harmony, imbued with the will of the six pillars, orchestrated a series of events to fulfill its destiny. From selecting the Mane Six as key players to orchestrating the fall of Equestria, the tree’s plan was intricate and far-reaching.

## The Legacy of Friendship

As the Mane Six demonstrated the power of friendship in the face of adversity, they left a lasting impact on Equestria. The spirit of harmony entrusted the fate of the land to them, highlighting the importance of unity and friendship in overcoming challenges.

As the secrets of the tree of harmony continue to unfold, the reconnection of Equestria’s tribes and the power of friendship stand as testaments to a brighter future for all. Stay tuned for more revelations in part two of this theory. This is Wind Striker, signing out with a hoof to heart.


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