MYM Moses Uvere


MYM Moses Uvere

A Unique Perspective on Garland

Moses Uvere, a rapper-musician born and raised in Garland, shares his life experiences through music. Growing up in Garland, Uvere learned to drive and had his first kiss in the city. Despite some challenges, he now works closely with the Garland police and the city to build a stronger community.

Culture Makers and Community Involvement

Uvere serves on the Community Multicultural Commission and is the president of Culture Makers, a nonprofit organization that uses music and entertainment to bring people together. Through his work, he aims to create a healthier city, reduce crime, and eliminate racial tension and biases.

Music as a Tool for Understanding

Uvere’s music video « We Get Up » addresses police shootings and racial tension, seeking to provide understanding from both sides. His song « Someday » focuses on overcoming anxiety and negative thoughts, filmed with the help of Garland police at a neighborhood event.

Celebrating Diversity in Garland

Uvere appreciates the diversity in Garland, noting how it has pushed city officials and leaders to think more inclusively. He sees a positive shift towards celebrating the uniqueness of the city, with artists like himself making a mark in Garland.


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