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# Membership Sites for Artists: 13 Platforms to Monetize Your Content

## Introduction
In a previous video, we discussed various ways for artists to create online courses and make money. One effective method is through membership sites, where fans pay for exclusive content and courses. Today, we’ll explore 13 different websites that make it easy for artists to set up their own membership sites and generate revenue from their content.

## 1. Patreon
Patreon is a well-known platform for creators to offer membership tiers to their fans. Fans can pledge a monthly amount, ranging from $1 to $1,000, in exchange for exclusive content and rewards. While Patreon does take a commission fee, it provides a convenient way for artists to connect with their audience and earn recurring revenue.

## 2. OnlyFans
For artists interested in sharing more adult-oriented content, OnlyFans offers a platform to monetize exclusive content. Fans can pay to access content, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $49.99 per month. This platform is ideal for artists creating more mature or explicit content.

## 3. Mighty Networks
Mighty Networks provides a unique concept for artists looking to create their own private social network. This platform allows artists to publish various content, such as photos, videos, and articles, for their fans to access by paying a membership fee. Mighty Networks offers different pricing plans, making it a versatile option for artists.

## 4. Podia
Podia is an all-in-one platform for artists to publish online courses, membership content, and digital downloads. Artists can offer a range of content, from drawing tutorials to webcomic series, all in one place. With affordable pricing plans, Podia is a convenient solution for artists looking to diversify their revenue streams.

## 5. Memberful
Memberful makes it easy for artists to sell memberships to their audience. With pricing plans ranging from a free option with a transaction fee to a premium plan at $25 per month, Memberful offers a simple and user-friendly payment interface for fans. This platform integrates with popular website builders, making it easy to set up.

## 6. Wild Apricot by Personify
Wild Apricot by Personify is designed for associations, art schools, and workshops that host in-person events. This platform offers powerful features for organizing events and collecting membership fees. If you’re looking to blend online membership with offline events, Wild Apricot is worth exploring.

## 7. Member Mouse
Member Mouse is a WordPress plugin that transforms your website into a membership platform quickly. With features like trial offers, coupons, and support automation, Member Mouse is ideal for artists aiming to grow their membership business. The pricing is competitive, making it a top choice for artists looking for advanced features.

## Conclusion
These are just a few of the many platforms available for artists to create membership sites and monetize their content. Whether you’re a digital artist, manga creator, or webcomic artist, there’s a platform that suits your needs. By leveraging membership sites, artists can connect with their fans, offer exclusive content, and generate a steady income doing what they love. Explore these platforms and find the one that best fits your artistic goals and business aspirations.


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