8 Pivotal Agency Metrics to Track in 2021


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# 8 Pivotal Agency Metrics to Track in 2021

## Client Metrics
One of the most crucial metrics to track is the number of clients acquired each month. This data is essential for agency expansion and analyzing client acquisition funnels. Additionally, it’s important to calculate the Client Acquisition Cost (CAC) to ensure you are acquiring clients at a certain cost.

## Employee Metrics
Monitoring employee metrics such as Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) and employee churn rate is vital. ENPS helps determine employee satisfaction levels, while the churn rate reveals potential issues within the company culture or hiring processes.

## Profit Metrics
Understanding profit margins is key to agency success. By setting clear goals and focusing on increasing profit margins, agencies can drive their success and sustainability.

## Agency Brand Reputation Metrics
Brand mentions, Brand SERP, and social media engagement rates are crucial for maintaining a positive agency reputation. By tracking these metrics, agencies can monitor their online presence and ensure a strong brand image.

By consistently tracking these eight pivotal metrics, agencies can make informed decisions, drive growth, and ensure long-term success in 2021.


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