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# Trading with a Dummy: An Interview with Stock Zay

## Introduction
What’s up my beautiful people! Welcome to my channel. If you are brand new, please subscribe, like, and share this video. Today, I have a very special guest on the show. You may have seen him on the « Come Up » series as a chart expert, and he also has his own YouTube channel called « The Wealth Strategist » and can be found on Instagram under his new name, Stock Zay. Please welcome Zay to the show!

## The Instagram Debacle
Zay recently had to change his Instagram name from First Gen Wealth to Stock Zay due to a reporting mistake that led to his original account being deactivated. Despite this setback, Zay is working on rebuilding his following and continuing to provide valuable content to his audience.

## Background and Influences
Zay hails from South Jersey and the Tidewater 757 area of Virginia Beach. Growing up, financial literacy was not a major topic of conversation in his household, as his family faced financial struggles. Zay’s interest in math and sports led him to college, where he eventually discovered his passion for finance and investing.

## Personal Life and Family
Zay has two sisters and a younger brother, and he was raised primarily by his mother. Financial issues were a common theme in his family, leading to challenges and ultimately his interest in financial literacy and wealth-building.

## Early Interests and Education
Before delving into the world of financial literacy, Zay was always drawn to math and sports. His mother instilled the importance of education and hard work in him, setting the foundation for his future pursuits in finance.

By sharing his personal story and experiences, Zay hopes to inspire others to take control of their financial futures and build wealth through smart investing and money management strategies. Stay tuned for more insights and tips from Stock Zay on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms!


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