The Best Way To Get More Space On Your iPhone & Never Worry About It Again


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The Best Way To Get More Space On Your iPhone & Never Worry About It Again


Are you tired of running out of storage on your iPhone, especially when you’re traveling and capturing lots of photos and videos? In this article, we will introduce you to a simple solution that will make your life much easier.

The Product

It’s a lightning cable with an SD card in it that you can plug straight into your phone. This device allows you to transfer your files instantly, without having to wait for your cloud drive to sync.

How It Works

Simply plug the device into your phone, select the files you want to transfer, and click the « save to files » button. Within seconds to a minute, your files will be transferred to the SD card, freeing up space on your phone.

Checking Your Files

If you want to access your transferred files, you can easily do so by going into your phone’s files and locating the SD card. From there, you can view and manage your files as needed.


This device is not only convenient for travel but also for transferring files to other devices like laptops or computers. You can ensure that your files are safe and easily accessible wherever you go.


The product is available on Amazon for $24.95 with Prime shipping. We’ve included the link to the product below for your convenience. Say goodbye to storage issues on your iPhone!


With this simple device, you can now easily expand your iPhone’s storage capacity and never have to worry about running out of space again. Say hello to a hassle-free experience when it comes to managing your files on the go. Happy storing!


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