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# Interview with Joanna Vennela: From Hollywood to Mexico and Back Again

## A Childhood in Two Worlds
Joanna Vennela, a well-known host and actress, was born in Hollywood, California, but raised in Mexico. At the age of 10, she began her career in the entertainment industry, working with major brands such as Kraft and JC Penney. Despite her early success, Joanna faced challenges when she moved back to the United States, not speaking English and feeling disconnected from her family.

## The Influence of Family
Joanna credits her parents for her success, citing their support and sacrifice as driving forces in her career. Her mother, a former performer in Mexico, recognized Joanna’s talent early on and encouraged her to pursue acting and hosting. Joanna’s father, an architect, also played a significant role in supporting her dreams.

## Finding Her Path
After relocating to the United States, Joanna’s career took off when she started taking acting classes and booking commercials. However, it was her passion for sports and hosting that truly set her on the path to success. Encouraged by her mentor, Blanca Valdes, Joanna found her niche in sports hosting, where she excelled at connecting with audiences and bringing out the best in others.

## Embracing Her Identity
While Joanna’s early career was rooted in acting, she found a true sense of fulfillment in hosting, where she could authentically be herself. This shift led her to cover soccer games for Coors Light, where she honed her skills and solidified her place in the industry. Today, Joanna’s diverse background and experiences continue to shape her career, as she navigates the world of entertainment with confidence and grace.


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