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# Stockholm Major Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on CS:GO and Sweden

## Round 1: Easy Questions

The first round of our Stockholm Major quiz starts with some straightforward questions. Let’s see how well you know your CS:GO and Swedish trivia!

### Question 1: French Player at Every Major

The first question is about a French player who participated in every Major tournament. Can you guess who this player is?

### Question 2: Team Logo Identification

Next up, we have a challenge for you to identify a CS:GO team based on their logo. Can you name at least one player who represented this organization?

### Question 3: Swedish Band Identification

Moving on to some Swedish culture, can you guess the name of the most successful band in Sweden, known for their iconic music?

### Question 4: IKEA Furniture or Swedish Dish?

Test your knowledge of Swedish cuisine and furniture by identifying which of the given names is a traditional Swedish dish, not an IKEA furniture item.

## Round 2: Difficult Questions

As we progress to the second round, the questions will become more challenging, but don’t worry, the points are doubled for each correct answer!

### Question 5: Major Tournament Winners

Which player managed to win every Major tournament they attended? Put your CS:GO knowledge to the test with this tricky question.

### Question 6: Swedish Scientist Legacy

Can you identify the Swedish scientist who chose to be remembered for his contributions to science rather than his work on destructive weapons?

### Question 7: CS:GO Major Map History

In this final question, we challenge you to name the map that has been played in every Major tournament except for three. Test your map pool knowledge with this tough question!

The Stockholm Major quiz is a fun way to test your knowledge of CS:GO and Sweden. Are you ready to take on the challenge and see how well you fare in our quiz? Good luck!


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