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Chapter 5: Connecting Past with Present

In Chapter 5, it is very clear that we can connect past events with what is happening now, such as the current situation with Corona or Covid-19. This chapter also hints at future events like wars, nation against nation, diseases, and hunger. All of this is under God’s control, and Chapter 5 helps us understand how to read the signs of the times.

Understanding God’s Secrets

As Christians, it is important to grasp the secrets that God has revealed to us through the book of Revelation. Unbelievers may not comprehend the significance of past, present, and future events as outlined in God’s word. Without this understanding, we may become worried, afraid, and panic. By reading and studying the book of Revelation, we can gain insights into the heavenly secrets that God has unveiled.

Revelation: A Book of Blessings

Chapter 1 verse 3 emphasizes the importance of reading aloud the words of this prophecy and taking them to heart. Those who do so are considered blessed because they have access to the secrets of heaven. The book of Revelation reveals the secrets of God and sheds light on the heavenly realm, including the significance of Jesus Christ sitting at the right hand of God.

Unveiling Divine Secrets

The book of Revelation unveils the secrets of God’s actions throughout history and the universe. By studying this book, we can understand past, present, and future events and gain insights into God’s divine plan for the world. These heavenly secrets are held by God the Father, the creator of the universe, who sits on the throne and governs the course of history.


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