Don’t try to memorize vocabulary in a new language


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# Don’t try to memorize vocabulary in a new language

## The Ineffectiveness of Memorizing Vocabulary

Many language learners are often advised to try to learn 10 words a day and make sure they can use them effectively. However, this approach may not be as effective as it seems. In a video by Steve Kaufmann, he discusses why trying to remember vocabulary may not be the best method for language acquisition.

## Exposing Yourself to Words Gradually

Steve Kaufmann shares his experience with his brother, who is learning Spanish using LingQ. His brother often struggles to remember specific words or phrases, leading to frustration. Kaufmann emphasizes the importance of not stressing about memorization but instead focusing on continuous exposure to the language.

## The Role of Listening and Reading

Kaufmann highlights his language learning process, which primarily involves listening and reading. By constantly encountering words in different contexts, he believes that they will eventually stick in his memory. He also mentions reviewing words in lists and gradually moving them from unfamiliar to familiar categories.

## Embracing Vocabulary Acquisition

Rather than relying on deliberate memorization techniques, Kaufmann advocates for embracing a gradual process of vocabulary acquisition. He notes that many words he learns are added to his vocabulary without intentional effort, simply through exposure and repetition.

## Language Learning as a Journey

Kaufmann concludes by emphasizing that language learning is not about memorization but about engaging in the process and trusting that your brain will gradually absorb more words. By accumulating words passively and actively engaging with the language, learners can enhance their language potential.

In conclusion, Kaufmann’s insights suggest that a focus on continuous exposure and engagement with vocabulary, rather than strict memorization, may lead to more effective language learning outcomes.


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