Alcool + giochi di abilità… – PRESSURE TEST!


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# Alcohol and Board Games: The Perfect Combination?

## Welcome back to nella stanza del Paolino.

Today, we will test how good we are in various board games. Of course, it will not be so easy. The staff will make it difficult for us by introducing alcohol into the mix.

First of all, definitely don’t try this at home, be careful. To make it harder, we will have to drink different drinks and play under their influence. The name of today’s episode is « Episodes of Alcoholism. »

## Jenga Challenge

The first game we tackle is Jenga. The twist? We have to play under a time limit and drink alcohol. If we manage to overcome a minute, the point goes to the winner. The staff will try to distract us in various ways to make it more challenging.

## Vodka Maze

Next up, we face the Vodka Maze challenge. We have two minutes to navigate the maze without touching the iron obstacles. The staff will try to distract us with terrible jokes, adding to the difficulty of the game.

## Tequila Suspend

In the final game, we play Suspend under the influence of tequila. The goal is to hang pieces without making them fall. The staff has 45 seconds to distract us and make the pieces drop.

As the difficulty increases with each game, we face new challenges and try to overcome them under the influence of alcohol. Will we succeed, or will the staff emerge victorious? Only time will tell. Cheers to a night of fun and games!


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