10 Reasons Why You Need an Artist Website


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# Why Every Emerging Artist Needs a Website

## Professionalism is Key
Imagine being in a business meeting with museum curators, art collectors, and dealers, presenting a Facebook page as your portfolio. Not very professional, right? Having a website is crucial to showcase your dedication and professionalism as an artist.

## Secure Your Domain Name
Securing your domain name is essential as they are first-come, first-served. Whether it’s your full name, art name, or project name, having a unique domain name adds credibility and sets you apart in the art world.

## Build Domain Authority
By holding onto your domain name and creating a simple landing page, you can start building your domain authority. This history will benefit your website’s SEO in the long run, making it easier for people to discover your work.

## Boost Your SEO
Having a website is key to improving your search engine optimization. While social media platforms like Instagram are great for showcasing your art, they are not indexed by Google. To be discovered online, having a website is crucial.

## Grow Your Mailing List
A website allows you to build a mailing list, keeping your collectors engaged and informed about your latest work. By collecting emails through your website, you can promote your art directly to potential buyers.

## Set Up a Web Store
With a website, you can set up a web store to sell your art directly to collectors. By avoiding hefty commissions from art marketplaces, you can maximize your earnings and have full control over your sales.

## Sell Print on Demand Merchandise
Linking your website to print on demand service providers allows you to sell art prints and merchandise passively. By integrating POD services into your web store, you can generate passive income as an artist effortlessly.

Having a website as an emerging artist opens up a world of opportunities, from showcasing your professionalism to maximizing your earnings. Don’t miss out on the benefits of having a website – start building your online presence today.


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