Ko-FI vs Patreon – Which is better? [Patreon alternative for Artists]


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# Making Money with Your Art: Ko-FI vs Patreon

## Introduction
Hello awesome people! I’m Marta aka ObscureBeauty and welcome to a new video! Do you want to start the New Year making money with your art? Every month? Having your own community? Then you wanna watch this video. The latest, the newest Ko-FI vs Patreon comparison! Let’s rock this new year with your ART!

## Patreon Overview
I’m on both of these platforms and absolutely adore Ko-FI, but none of them sponsor me so this is my opinion on them based on my experience only. We all know that slowly everything is converting to become a subscription. Apps, services, and even art. Patreon has been the lead of this art revolution, but will it stay on the lead for much longer?

Patreon has been around for about 8 years and all you can do on Patreon is define tiers. You choose some benefits for each tier and you determine a price for each tier. Then your supporters can choose which tier they prefer by balancing the benefits vs price, and they start paying you every month for said benefits.

## Patreon Fees
Patreon is sort of free. Anyone can make a creator account on it, set their own tiers and start selling subscriptions. When you start earning your income, Patreon then starts taking a fee, and that fee depends on which “tier” you are. You can join Patreon with 3 tiers and pay processing fees. Additionally, there are different fee rates depending on your earnings.

## Ko-FI Overview
Ko-FI is a fairly recent donation kind of app. From the start, you have 2 options. You either get in on the free option or you pay to become a gold member. A gold member either pays an annual or a monthly fee, the annual fee having a small discount. Ko-FI offers every kind of income you can make of being a creative.

## Ko-FI Features
On Ko-FI, you get your own page that you can customize, share blog posts, post videos or images, have a gallery, set donation goals, and even set up a shop. People can opt to give you one-off donations of almost any value, and Ko-FI takes 0% of that no matter whether you’re gold or a free member. Ko-FI is an all-in-one service, constantly evolving and updating.

## Conclusion
In conclusion, Ko-FI and Patreon offer different approaches to making money with your art. While Patreon focuses on membership tiers, Ko-FI offers a variety of income streams and features for creators. Both platforms have their own fee structures and benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs and goals as an artist. Whether you prefer the subscription model of Patreon or the donation-based system of Ko-FI, both platforms can help you start earning money with your art in the New Year.


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