Ich habe 55 Counter-Strike-Legenden nach ihrer Lieblingsmap gefragt (CS 1.6, CS:GO)


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# Ich habe 55 Counter-Strike-Legenden nach ihrer Lieblingsmap gefragt (CS 1.6, CS:GO)

## CHEF-KOCH (ALTERNATE aTTaX): « Hello, this is the CHEF-KOCH. My map used to be de_nuke because you could bang so nicely there. »

## gob b (mousesports, BIG): « My favorite map was definitely inferno, that was one of the most tactically demanding maps. »

## HeatoN (NiP, SK): « Nuke or Train! »

## Blizzard (mousesports, BIG): « inferno and dust2 – by the way, I still like playing them in CS:GO. »

## Alexander Roth (A Gamer’s Day): « I calculated that I’ve probably spent about a year of my life on dust2. »

## Favorite map de_dust2: Roman R. (mousesports), commentator Knochen, Donkamilo (a-Losers, mouz), bishop (TAMM, SK, mTw), Jap (SK), hpx (NoA, mTw).

## fRoD (compLexity): « I would say my favorite map is probably between dust2 or inferno honestly. »

## neo (mouz, a-Losers): « de_nuke – that’s the best way to shoot through the wall. »

## Chucky (TAMM, ALTERNATE aTTaX): « Hi, this is Chucky and my favorite map is also train because it was one of our best maps in my teams since TAMM. We had pretty good games on the map and I personally was on medium and longer distances better than short distances. »

## beyoNd* (ALTERNATE aTTax): « Hi everyone, my name is beyoNd* and my favorite maps have definitely always been nuke and tuscan. Why? Because on the one hand they were tactically very, very interesting due to the additional path options and on the other hand due to the short connecting pieces to always exciting until the last second – and that’s what made it so special for me. »

## Scorp (mTw, TAMM): « Everything, except dust and dust2. Those were my favorite maps. I hate dust like the plague. That was always every public server: dust, and more and more dust, dust, dust. I think it was prodigy. »

## hazz (mTw): « de_nuke, but also cs_militia, prodigy and train »

## antonia (ALTERNATE aTTaX): « aim_map, aim ak colt, aztec »

## Kirby (EPIC-DUDES, Playing Ducks): « Moinsen, inferno or tuscan! »

## pre (commentator ESL/GIGA): « Favorite map earlier in the pre-CS 1.6 times was definitely cs_assault, because you can at least had a proper « realistic » scenario. »

## And that’s about it for the video. I hope you enjoyed it and now I’m looking forward to your favorite maps. What did you like to play in the past? Feel free to write it in the comments!


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