Gen Zs Explain ‘Karen’ To Seniors In Their Mother Tongues | Code Switch EP 2


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# Gen Zs Explain ‘Karen’ To Seniors In Their Mother Tongues | Code Switch EP 2

## The Challenge
Young Singaporeans seem to be losing touch with their mother tongue, so we challenge them to explain trending topics to seniors in five minutes. But there’s fifty dollars on the line. For every English word used, two dollars will be deducted. When the time’s up, the seniors would decide if they get to keep the money or not.

## The Participants
– **Megan**
– **Jeevan**
– **Adli Zuhailey**

## The Task
The participants must explain the concept of ‘Karen’ to the seniors without using any English words.

## The Explanations
– **Megan:** Struggles to explain the concept and ends up using English words.
– **Jeevan:** Describes Karens as nosy individuals who intervene in queues and then express dissatisfaction.
– **Adli Zuhailey:** Defines Karens as demanding individuals who seek attention and always want to be prioritized.

## The Outcome
– **Megan:** Loses the challenge and walks away with $6.
– **Jeevan:** Successfully explains ‘Karen’ and wins $50.
– **Adli Zuhailey:** Also successfully explains ‘Karen’ and wins $50.

## Conclusion
Despite the challenges faced by the participants, they managed to convey the concept of ‘Karen’ in their mother tongues. The episode ends with a call to subscribe to Code Switch for more content.


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