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# A Discussion on Proving Jesus is God or Not

## Introduction
The system has been prepared, and the group NDM system is ready for another discussion. The opening statement was « Survive, » and the theme song was introduced by the cool name Demak Raja, our challenger for tonight.

## Setting Up the Discussion
Faith is ready as the timer is set for the discussion to begin. With the participants in place, the stage is set for a lively debate on the topic at hand.

## Opening Statements
The participants are given five minutes each for their opening statements, setting the tone for the discussion ahead. Each speaker presents their views on whether Jesus is God or not, laying the groundwork for the debate.

## Question and Answer Session
Following the opening statements, the participants engage in a question and answer session. Each speaker has the opportunity to ask a question and respond to their opponent, with a set time limit for each interaction.

## Battle of Ideas
As the discussion progresses, the participants delve deeper into the topic, presenting their arguments and counterarguments. The debate heats up as each side presents their case with conviction and passion.

## Closing Statements
Towards the end of the discussion, each participant is given the chance to make closing statements. They summarize their arguments and make their final points before the session concludes.

## Conclusion
The discussion on proving whether Jesus is God or not is a thought-provoking and engaging exchange of ideas. Both sides present compelling arguments, showcasing the diversity of opinions on the topic. Through respectful dialogue and mutual understanding, the participants aim to foster tolerance and respect for each other’s beliefs.


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