😍 Watch Ricky go naked in Morocco | Naturism & nudism



😍 Watch Ricky go naked in Morocco | Naturism & nudism

Ricky’s daring adventure

Hello people man! How you doin? From the world, I guess. Cause I’m doing this for the world not doing this for Canada man. Ricky’s gonna get fucking naked I’m just about to get fucking naked. But ahhhh there’s nobody man! There’s fucking nobody! I’m in Morocco so I’m just gonna show some people what to do.

Nudism in a Muslim country

If you wanna get naked in a Muslim country you have to be careful a little bit. I’ve done it and you know what some people have seen me naked and they just, you know, they just wave and say oh it’s great and everything. So…some people are pretty open-minded even if they’re Muslim and they got their Hijab and everything.


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