The Show Day One on Gamepass? The PSN Stores are Dying! Harv Asks us To Witness him! – PiP Ep. 8


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# Point in Progress Podcast Episode 8 Recap

## Checkpoint: Birthdays and Buca di Beppo
This week on the Point in Progress podcast, Fi and the gang discussed some recent birthday celebrations at Buca di Beppo. Frank and Mario shared their experiences at the Italian restaurant, noting the interesting decor and the discovery of a potential secret burger operation within the establishment.

## Revelations and Reflections
The group also unveiled a new overlay for the podcast, showcasing their individual icons. They discussed the creation process and thanked those involved in bringing the new look to the show. Harvey humorously claimed credit for doing nothing in the process.

## Gaming Highlights
In terms of gaming, Frank shared his recent experiences playing Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. Despite feeling a bit sleepy after getting his COVID vaccine, Frank found solace in these two games, especially enjoying the teamwork and synergy with his friends.

The group reflected on the joy of playing together and how it enhances the gaming experience, particularly in a game like Overwatch where teamwork is crucial.

Overall, it was a fun and eventful week for the Point in Progress podcast crew, filled with birthday celebrations, restaurant revelations, and exciting gaming adventures. Tune in next time for more news, recommendations, and spicy takes from Fi and the gang.


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