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# Decarcerate Louisiana Webinar: Grassroots Analysis of the Root Cause of Crime

## Introduction
Welcome everyone to the Decarcerate Louisiana Webinar, where we will be delving into a grassroots analysis of the root cause of crime in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport. My name is Daniel Te Ha, a member of Decarcerate Louisiana, and I will be guiding you through this important discussion.

## The Slavery Exception Clause
Our first speaker, Curtis Davis, will be shedding light on the slavery exception clause and its role in marginalizing and criminalizing black people and other targeted communities. Davis will explore how this clause has perpetuated systemic racism and discrimination in our society.

## The Southern Strategy and the Tough on Crime Movement
Following Davis, Victoria Primo will discuss the southern strategy and its relationship to the tough on crime movement. She will highlight how white racist and segregationist ideologies have fueled policies that disproportionately impact communities of color.

## Unsustainable Development Policies and Criminalization
Next, So, he’ll send me some A will delve into unsustainable development policies and their contribution to the criminalization and enslavement of black individuals. By examining the intersection of urban planning and criminal justice, he will uncover the systemic barriers faced by marginalized populations.

## The War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration
Mandy Smith will then explore the war on drugs and its role in perpetuating mass incarceration. By dissecting the impact of drug policies on communities of color, Smith will illuminate the racial disparities embedded within the criminal justice system.

## Voter Suppression and Mass Incarceration
Subsequently, Resveratrol will address voter suppression and disenfranchisement as key factors in mass incarceration and marginalization. By examining the intersection of political disenfranchisement and incarceration, Resveratrol will underscore the importance of addressing systemic barriers to voting rights.

## Alternative Solutions and Call to Action
As the webinar progresses, we will hear from incarcerated individuals, CO-founder of Decarcerate Louisiana, and other members who will share their perspectives on alternative solutions to incarceration. We will conclude with a call to action from Paige Ryan, urging viewers to take tangible steps towards dismantling systemic injustices.

## Conclusion
In conclusion, the Decarcerate Louisiana Webinar aims to provide a holistic understanding of the root causes of crime and incarceration in our society. By amplifying the voices of those impacted by systemic injustices, we hope to inspire meaningful change and advocacy for a more just and equitable future. Thank you for joining us on this important journey towards justice and liberation.


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