Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man & Spider-Armor Mk I Retro Spider-Man Wave Action Figure Review


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# Article: Unboxing and Review of the New Spider-Man Figures from Marvel Legends Retro Wave

## Introduction
Hey guys, it’s Miho Supersorrell. Thank you very much for tuning in. Today, we’re going to take a look at the brand new Spider-Man Armored and Symbiote Spider-Man figures from the new Spider-Man Marvel Legends Retro Wave. I am really excited to have these in my collection and I’ll be unboxing them for you today.

## Spider-Man Armored Figure
The Spider-Man Armored figure has been a fan favorite for some time. This updated version features a ceramic metal battle suit that protects Spidey from his deadliest foes, giving him the advantage he needs to take down the bad guys. The figure looks like a Spidey Power Ranger with its sleek design and detailed sculpt.

## Symbiote Spider-Man Figure
The Symbiote Spider-Man figure showcases an all-black costume that Spidey acquires after finding a sleek black costume in a space shuttle wreck. Little does he know that he has joined forces with the predatory alien symbiote known as Venom. This figure is an updated version of the symbiotic Spidey, and it looks absolutely stunning.

## Review of Figures
Both figures come with a range of articulation points, allowing for dynamic posing. The Spider-Man Armored figure features a silver paint job that gives it a shiny chrome-like appearance. The head sculpt is detailed and captures the essence of the character.

The Symbiote Spider-Man figure is on a new body mold, offering improved articulation with added features like butterfly hinges. The figure comes with interchangeable hands, including web-slinging hands and open palm hands for different posing options.

## Conclusion
Overall, both Spider-Man figures from the Marvel Legends Retro Wave are impressive additions to any collection. With their intricate designs and articulation, they offer fans the opportunity to recreate iconic Spider-Man poses and scenes. Whether you’re a fan of the armored look or the symbiote costume, these figures are sure to please any Spider-Man enthusiast. Grab yours today and swing into action with these amazing Spider-Man figures!


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