Gethsemane Lutheran Church Service Oct 6, 2019


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# The Importance of Generosity in Congregational Life

## Introduction
As we gather together this morning to worship and commune, we are reminded of the importance of generosity in our congregational life. Whether it be through giving of our time, talents, or resources, generosity plays a vital role in strengthening our community and living out our faith.

## Prayer Requests and Communion
Before we partake in the bread and wine of communion, we lift up our prayers for those in need. We pray for healing for those like Angel Roberts and Judy Suter who are facing health challenges. We also remember the Lawlor family in their time of loss. After worship, we invite those in need of prayer to come forward and receive a special blessing.

## The Giving Tree and Congregational Life
The Giving Tree serves as a visual representation of how generosity connects us all within the congregation. Each leaf symbolizes a different aspect of giving – from financial support to acts of kindness and service. Just as the leaves are interconnected on the tree, we too are spiritually connected through our generosity and support for one another.

## Living Generously
Generosity extends beyond just monetary giving. It encompasses how we use our skills, offer encouragement, and show compassion towards others. Through acts of caring and volunteering, we nurture relationships and build a stronger community. By living generously, we not only receive grace but also become part of something greater than ourselves.

## The Story of Moses and God’s Promise
The story of Moses and the Israelites reminds us of God’s presence and faithfulness in times of struggle. Just as God promised to be with Moses as he led his people out of Egypt, we too can trust in God’s guidance and support in our own lives.

## Conclusion
As we reflect on the importance of generosity in our congregational life, let us strive to live more generously each day. By giving of ourselves and supporting one another, we not only strengthen our community but also experience the transformative power of God’s grace in our lives.


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