EU Qualifier Day 2 Recap


# EU Qualifier Day 2 Recap

## Copenhagen Wolves dominate Millenium in Game 1
The first match of the day at the European qualifier saw the Copenhagen Wolves facing off against Millenium. The Wolves got off to a strong start, with TheTess and Svenskeren making some impressive plays. The Wolves secured an early lead and never looked back, taking game one with ease.

## Against All Authority and DragonBorns battle it out
In another exciting match, Against All Authority clashed with DragonBorns. The action was intense, with both teams fighting tooth and nail for the victory. DragonBorns managed to come out on top in game one, thanks in large part to the stellar performance of their player, Hosan.

## Giants Gaming outplays Mousesports
Giants Gaming and Mousesports faced off in a heated battle, with Giants Gaming proving to be the stronger team. Giants’ Samux and Morden showcased their skills, leading their team to victory in game one. Mousesports put up a fight, but ultimately surrendered, giving Giants Gaming the win.

## Fnatic secures their spot in the Season 3 League Championship Series
The final match of the day featured Meet Your Makers taking on fan favorites Fnatic. Fnatic put on a dominant performance, taking game one and setting the stage for a decisive victory in game two. With their spot in the Season 3 League Championship Series secured, Fnatic can now focus on preparing for the challenges ahead.

## What’s next?
With four teams already securing their spots in the Season 3 League Championship Series, the remaining teams will battle it out on Day 3 for the last remaining spot. The upcoming matches promise to be filled with excitement and intense competition, as each team fights for their chance to compete at the highest level. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the EU Qualifier.


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