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# Dating Advice: Should You Pursue the Guy?

## Masculine and Feminine Dynamics
Many people wonder about the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy when it comes to pursuing a potential partner. There is often confusion about whether or not women should pursue men and if men enjoy being pursued. The truth is, men do love to be pursued. However, the key lies in how it is done.

## The Magic Feminine Formula
Mat Boggs introduces what he calls the « magic feminine formula » for pursuing a man while still maintaining a feminine energy. The formula is S.A.S. – F.O.F. + C.O.C. = the Man of your Dreams.

### S.A.S. – Flirtation Factor
The S.A.S. stands for Seeing And Smiles. It involves making eye contact with the man you’re interested in and giving him the green light to approach you. Eye contact should be sustained for at least three seconds to indicate interest.

### F.O.F. – Fortress Of Females
The F.O.F. refers to the barrier created by being surrounded by friends in social settings. It can make it challenging for a man to approach you. To overcome this, it’s important to make yourself accessible by stepping away from the group and creating an opportunity for conversation.

### C.O.C. – Circumference Of Conversation
If making eye contact and moving away from the group doesn’t lead to the man approaching you, it’s time to enter his Circumference Of Conversation. This involves standing close enough to him to engage in a natural conversation. Asking him a question that invites a response can help kickstart the interaction.

## Let Him Make the Move
Despite taking steps to signal interest and create opportunities for interaction, it’s crucial to let the man make the move. By allowing him to take the lead in asking you out, you maintain a sense of femininity and allow the natural progression of the relationship.

In conclusion, understanding the balance between pursuing a man and allowing him to take the lead can lead to a successful and fulfilling relationship. Remember that the right man, who values and appreciates you, is out there looking for you. Trust in the process and enjoy the journey of finding love.


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