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# Horror Short Film “Childer” | ALTER

## Where do Childer come from?

In the horror short film « Childer » by ALTER, the mysterious origins of the children in the story are a source of fear and intrigue. The protagonist encounters strange children in the forest and is warned to stay away from them, as they are described as dirty and unsettling.

## The School Frog

One of the eerie elements in the film is the school frog that the children have to take care of during the Halloween holidays. The reluctance of some characters to have the frog in the house adds to the tension and unease in the narrative.

## Halloween and Dress-Up

The theme of Halloween and dressing up is also prevalent in the film. The children discuss their costumes for a dress-up day at school, with one character expressing a desire to be something scary rather than lovely. This juxtaposition of innocence and darkness adds to the overall creepy atmosphere of the story.

## The Mysterious Children

The mysterious children in the forest and their connection to the protagonist’s family create a sense of foreboding and unease. The warning to stay away from them and the consequences of interacting with them add to the chilling nature of the narrative.

## Conclusion

« Childer » is a horror short film that explores themes of childhood innocence, darkness, and the unknown. The unsettling atmosphere, mysterious children, and eerie elements combine to create a sense of dread and fear throughout the story.


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