A Cool One Month Anniversary Gift for Your Man | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs


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# A Cool One Month Anniversary Gift for Your Man | Relationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

## The Best One Month Anniversary Gift
Today, I’m gonna share with you the best, the coolest, probably the all-time greatest one month anniversary gift you could ever give your man. Do we have that enough? More? I’m gonna share with you the most spectacular, game-changing, life-altering gift. Too much? All right, I’m gonna share with you a great gift you can give your man.

## The Importance of Letting Him Lead
Hey, there, I’m Mat Boggs and I’m the founder of the Love and Relationships Division for the Brave Thinking Institute, where our mission is « empowering people to create and live a life they love, » and that includes your love life. So if you like this video, go ahead and click that little Subscribe button and click the bell because every week we bring you videos to empower you in your love life.

## Why You Shouldn’t Give Him a Gift
This question actually gets asked a ton, which is « what’s a great one month anniversary gift that I can give my man to let him know how I feel and how happy I am in this relationship? » And so my team has it right here, actually. Here is the best, greatest of all time one month anniversary gift. It is, drum roll, please– Nothing. Nothing. You do not want to get your man a one month anniversary gift. What you wanna do is you want to let your man give you, if anyone’s gonna give anyone a gift for a one month anniversary, the relationship’s just budding, it’s just getting going. If anyone gives anyone a gift, you want him to give you a gift, because this is actually the greatest gift that your man wants. He wants to know that he has provided you with happiness. This is what he’s looking for above all else.

## Let Him Lead the Emotional Pace
He’s looking to know that he’s done a great job and he’s created a beautiful experience for you that brings you happiness and brings you joy. Early in the relationship, it’s really interesting, there’s a couple of dynamics that I want to explain. One is that while you have an instinct to contribute and to share and to give, your man often doesn’t take contribution as the gift that you mean it to mean. He’ll often take it as competition. In other words, your man will do something nice for you early in the relationship, and he’ll say, « I created this experience for you, » or, « Here’s a great gift for you. » And you look at it and you’re like, « Oh, this is really nice. » « Awesome, I got something for you too. » And you turn around and go, boom, and you bring this even bigger experience, and he looks at that and he’s like, « Thank you. » And he’s thinking, « How am I gonna outdo this? » He’s not actually interested in receiving those big gifts, those big mementos of affection from you. What he’s interested in knowing is, is he measuring up to the man you want him to be, and that’s best demonstrated through your expression of satisfaction with him, your smiles, your appreciation, your acknowledgment, your admiration of him. Those are actually the biggest gifts that you can give him.

## Let Him Lead and Shower You with Gifts
Early in one of my relationships, it was about a month in, and the girlfriend that I was dating, we were long distance, she put together the most epic care package you’ve ever seen. She remembered all these types of candies that I liked, and she wrote me this beautiful card and put it in this shoe box that she had literally spent, I could tell she spent hours decorating the shoe box with all kinds of art, and she sent it to me. And what happened for me was fascinating because I got the box, and instead of being pumped about getting the box, I got scared. Why would a guy get scared in that moment? Because if you’re with someone and you think they’re falling in love with you far faster than you’re falling in love with them, then there’s this urge and instinct to pull back. It is because you care about them that you don’t wanna hurt them if you think, « Wow, they’re really falling in love with me. » If you don’t think you can get there, then most guys are gonna pull back in that moment because they don’t wanna hurt you. In fact, guys would rather have their arm chewed off by an alligator than to make you cry. So the best thing that you can do is let him lead the emotional pace. Sometimes guys are slower at understanding exactly how they feel in the relationship. You might get there a little faster, doesn’t mean he won’t get there, he just needs a little extra time. So let him lead the emotional pace. Let him shower you with the gifts.

## Conclusion
A woman I was talking to today said, « My man did an amazing one month anniversary gift. » She said, « He bought me this huge bouquet of flowers and then took me to Lake Tahoe for a weekend away. » And I said, « Did you get him anything? » And she said, « No. » I said, « Did he complain about that? Did he mind that? » And she said, « Not at all. In fact, he just loved the weekend that he created for me. » And I said, « Exactly, you responded in a way that let him knew he won with you. » That’s what he’s after and that’s the biggest gift you can give him for your one month anniversary. I would love to hear your take on this. What’s your take? Should you give them a one month anniversary gift or should you simply let him lead the emotional pace and you respond? What’s your take? Go ahead and post that in the comment section below. I appreciate you, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon.


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