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Long Distance Relationships: 5 Strategies to Make it Work

Long distance relationships can be tough, but they can work and even thrive if you have the right strategies. If you’re in a long distance relationship with someone you love, these five strategies can not only help you save that long distance relationship but make it thrive.

Prioritize Time Together

Creating time together is essential in a long distance relationship. Whether it’s planning a vacation, a week together, or a weekend getaway, prioritizing these moments in your calendar reminds you why you’re enduring the distance. Just like Mat Boggs’ grandparents, who prioritized each other and maintained a loving relationship for 63 years, setting aside time for your partner is crucial.

Supportive Phone Calls

Finding a balance in your phone conversations is key. While it’s important to share your feelings of missing each other, avoid letting the conversation become too sad. On the other hand, don’t turn it into a competition of who had the better day. Instead, strike a healthy balance by sharing both your challenges and victories while making sure to include your partner in your experiences.

Create an Inner World Together

Developing unique traditions or codes that only the two of you share can strengthen your bond. For example, having a secret code or gesture that signifies « I love you » can create a sense of intimacy and connection even when you’re apart. These special rituals or symbols can be a reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

Communication is key in any relationship, especially in a long distance one. Be open and honest about your feelings, concerns, and desires. Discuss your expectations, boundaries, and future plans to ensure you’re on the same page. Regular communication can help bridge the physical distance and maintain a strong emotional connection.

Stay Positive and Trust Each Other

Maintaining a positive attitude and trust in each other is essential for a successful long distance relationship. Focus on the love and connection you share, rather than the challenges of being apart. Trust each other, be supportive, and believe in the strength of your relationship. By staying positive and trusting each other, you can overcome any obstacles and make your long distance relationship thrive.

In conclusion, long distance relationships can work with the right strategies in place. By prioritizing time together, fostering supportive communication, creating unique traditions, and staying positive and trusting each other, you can navigate the distance and build a strong and lasting relationship. Remember that love knows no boundaries, and with dedication and effort, your long distance relationship can flourish.


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