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# Radically Changing My Hair: From Blonde to Dark Brown

## Deciding to Make a Change
It’s time to talk about the hair. I was blonde for 5 years, the longest I’ve ever stayed one hair color. I used to change up my hair all the time when I was younger, but the blonde era lasted longer than expected. I always thought blonde would be a base for other things, but attempts at changing it didn’t go as planned.

## The Journey to Dark Brown
I finally decided to make a change this year, opting for a dark brown shade. Going dark was a strategic choice to avoid staining my hair due to its porous nature. I wanted to avoid bright colors to maintain versatility for work opportunities. The process of going from blonde to dark brown was a long and challenging one, requiring multiple steps to fill the hair with proteins and achieve the desired shade.

## The Transformation Process
The entire process of transforming my hair from blonde to dark brown took about 3 hours, much longer than my usual touch-up appointments. I even ended up shaving the back of my head, adding an unexpected twist to the transformation. Initially nervous about the drastic change, I eventually grew to love the new look, especially appreciating the ease of wearing wigs with the undercut.

## Embracing the New Look
While the journey to dark brown was complex and time-consuming, the end result was a refreshing change that I fully embraced. The initial hesitation and fear of regret were quickly replaced with excitement and confidence in my new hairstyle. The decision to step out of my comfort zone and try something different ultimately paid off, leaving me satisfied with the transformation.

In conclusion, the transition from blonde to dark brown was a transformative experience that not only changed my appearance but also boosted my self-confidence and willingness to take risks with my hair. The journey was challenging but ultimately rewarding, showcasing the power of embracing change and trying something new.


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