Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Purple Potatoes


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Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Purple Potatoes

A Recent Study on Diet and Inflammation

A recent study on the relationship between diet and inflammation conducted by Dr. Galland, who was my childhood doctor, has shed light on the importance of inflammation in the development of age-related ailments and major chronic diseases in industrialized societies. Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer have been linked to inflammation, with markers like C-reactive protein providing insight into the body’s inflammatory levels.

Plant-Based Foods and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Plant-based foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. However, not all plant-based foods have the same effect. For example, studies have shown that olive oil, tomato juice, walnuts, red wine, and flaxseed flour have anti-inflammatory effects, while powdered garlic does not. Sweet cherries have also been found to reduce inflammation.

Impact of Purple Potatoes on Inflammation

A groundbreaking study in 2012 explored the effects of consuming different types of potatoes on oxidation and inflammation in men. While common Russet potatoes and yellow-fleshed potatoes did not significantly impact inflammation levels, purple potatoes with purple flesh showed a significant decrease in inflammation and oxidation. Additionally, purple potatoes were found to improve antioxidant capacity in the blood, unlike white potato starch, which had a pro-oxidant effect.

Additional Health Benefits of Purple Potatoes

In addition to reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, purple potatoes have been shown to help lower blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. A study involving the consumption of 6 to 8 small microwaved purple potatoes per day found that they acted as an effective hypotensive agent, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke in hypertensive subjects without causing weight gain.

Overall, the combination of decreased inflammation and DNA damage, along with the various health benefits of purple potatoes, makes them a superior nutritional option for consumers compared to other types of potatoes.


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