Yung Gravy – Betty (Get Money) (Official Music Video)


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Yung Gravy – Betty (Get Money) (Official Music Video)


Yung Gravy’s music video for « Betty (Get Money) » showcases his unique style and catchy lyrics that have garnered him a dedicated fan base.

The Song

The song features Yung Gravy’s signature flow and clever wordplay, set to a catchy beat that will have listeners nodding along.


Yung Gravy’s lyrics in « Betty (Get Money) » touch on themes of success, confidence, and living life to the fullest, all while staying true to his playful and charismatic persona.


The music video is a visual feast, with vibrant colors, creative editing, and energetic performances that bring the song to life in a way that only Yung Gravy can deliver.


Yung Gravy continues to impress with his music videos, and « Betty (Get Money) » is no exception. The combination of his unique style, clever lyrics, and engaging visuals make this video a must-watch for fans of the artist and newcomers alike.


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