Dystopian Future Industrial Floor EASY Basing for 40k


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Dystopian Future Industrial Floor EASY Basing for 40k


In this video tutorial, we will show you how to create industrial floor bases for your 40k miniatures. These bases will give your miniatures a dystopian and futuristic look that is perfect for sci-fi tabletop battles.

Materials Needed

Before we begin, here are the paints and materials you will need for this project. A complete list can be found in the video description below.

Creating the Texture

The first step is to give the bases a sci-fi grating texture. This is achieved by using drywall sanding screens glued down with super glue. Cut out the screen to fit flush on the bases.

To add more sci-fi texture, use zip ties sanded on the flat side and glued down parallel to the screen. Trim any excess with a hobby knife. For power cables, bend 15 gauge aluminum wire and glue it down.

Painting the Bases

Start by airbrushing black primer onto the bases. Dry brush with Games Workshop Lead Belcher, then add rust and corrosion with Games Workshop Ryza Rust. Paint the wires with Vallejo Heavy Blue.

Darken the bases with a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone and finish with a light dry brush of Games Workshop Runefang Steel. Paint the rim of the bases black for a clean finish.


With these easy steps, you can create stunning industrial floor bases for your 40k miniatures. For more tutorials like this, consider supporting us on Patreon for exclusive content. Check out our basing playlist for more ideas to enhance your sci-fi miniatures. Thanks for watching!


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