Cross the river by raft to find a new shelter: Survival Alone | EP.119


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# Cross the river by raft to find a new shelter: Survival Alone | EP.119

## Checking the Fish Trap

At the beginning of the video, the survivalist checks the fish trap he set up the day before. He discovers that some fish have been caught, indicating that the trap is working effectively.

## Observing the Trapped Fish

The survivalist observes the trapped fish and notes that they appear to be in good condition. Despite being caught in the trap, the fish are still trying to find a way out.

## Cooking the Captured Fish

After checking the trap, the survivalist decides to grill the captured fish. He plans to use them as a food reserve for his journey to find a new shelter.

## Gathering Sour Leaves

Next, the survivalist sets out to gather sour leaves, which are commonly found near streams in the tropical forest. These leaves have a refreshing sour taste and are ideal for making fish soup.

## Preparing Fish Soup

The survivalist prepares a fish soup using the captured fish and the gathered sour leaves. He adds a minimal amount of salt to enhance the flavor of the soup.

## Repairing the Raft

In preparation for his journey to find a new shelter, the survivalist repairs his raft by adding a layer of bamboo on top. This will keep the raft dry and provide a comfortable resting place for his dog, Lucky.

## Packing Essentials

Before setting out on his journey, the survivalist packs essentials such as pots, salt, and dried fish. These items will serve as his food reserve during the trip.

## Setting Out for the Forest

With his raft repaired and essentials packed, the survivalist sets out for the forest. He hopes to find more sources of food and shelter in the forest.

## Conclusion

As the video comes to an end, the survivalist crosses the river on his raft and prepares to rest for the night. He thanks the viewers for watching and wishes them a pleasant evening.


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