Manuel Mercuri – Do the face (Official Video)


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# Manuel Mercuri – Do the face (Official Video)

## Embrace Positivity
In the official video for « Do the face » by Manuel Mercuri, the message of positivity and self-confidence shines through. The lyrics encourage listeners to stay focused, smile, and embrace the world with wide open eyes.

## Unity in Diversity
The song celebrates diversity by mentioning different countries from China to Italy, and encouraging everyone to come together and « do the face ». It sends a powerful message of inclusivity and unity.

## Overcoming Challenges
In the face of bullies or misunderstandings from others, the song assures listeners that they are not alone. The promise of inner strength and the call to embrace music and positivity are highlighted as ways to overcome challenges.

## Spread Joy
« Do the face » is a call to action to spread joy, raise your cheekbones, and keep a positive outlook. It reminds listeners that they are amazing, and encourages them to carry on and not be lazy in pursuing their dreams.

## Conclusion
In a world full of challenges and differences, « Do the face » by Manuel Mercuri serves as a reminder to embrace positivity, unity, and inner strength. It encourages listeners to face the world with a smile and wide open eyes, no matter where they are from. Let’s all come together and « do the face » in celebration of diversity and joy.


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