Open your eyes (Ouvre les yeux – Otwórz oczy)


mym cʼest quoi

Open your eyes (Ouvre les yeux – Otwórz oczy)

Do you know this feeling when you are sure of something and want to share it, but you are afraid of judgment

There are different people surrounding you, and you face difficult situations, but you still try to be yourself. Some may not even bother, but you still have to fight for your voice to open the minds of others.

Victor Hugo once said that « love is immortal »

If love is immortal, why is it still being killed? 2/3 LGBT youth undertake a suicide attempt, they are pointed at, alienated, and undergo treatment. Why is something natural considered as a perversion, a mode, or a lack of a hard parent’s hand?

Awareness of your body and needs is not bad

Each of us has individual characteristics, we are physically different from each other. Your tattoo is not from prison, you are not a bandit, and your body is not neglected. We kill diversity among us and around us.

Every decision you make has an impact on the environment

46 billion is the number of plastic bottles used by EU residents. We are the first generation who knows the phenomenon of floating mountains of garbage in the Pacific. We live in a time of consumerism, insensitivity, and indifference. It is not too late to change it yet. Take the first step and OPEN YOUR EYES.


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