How to build an Anonymous Website


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How to Build an Anonymous Website


Hey guys. Another sort of service. I just quite like an interesting, useful service. I just thought maybe people don’t know about that. I’d like to introduce you to, I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I’ve been a customer of theirs for four years, five years now, maybe.

Anonymous Domain Registration and Server Hosting

So they basically offer a completely anonymous domain registration and also server hosting service. So everything is complete is hosted through their business which is based in Seychelles environment. I never, yeah, so it’s completely, completely offshore.

Benefits of the Service

Not like you need the privacy because even if like you’re not doing anything wrong or indifferent or illegal, you just don’t want your own information to be accessible online. You can buy any domain that is available through like Google domains, GoDaddy, whatever you use, you can search for it here.

Pricing and Payment Options

It will be 15 euros per year. It’s very, very reasonable, really very reasonable, and it is actually registered to them. But you can move over into your name at any time you can transfer it across and then they also offer your own servers. Starting price 15 euros per month is really very good.

Data Protection and Privacy

You can register with like SSH keys, depending on how anonymous you really want to be. And you can also pay with Bitcoin as well. They take privacy very seriously and ensure that your data is completely safe and anonymous when you’re putting out a public domain, a public website.


So if anyone was looking for how to stay anonymous when they’re launching a business and so on, this is a very good route to explore. It’s a worthwhile investment to ensure your data is protected and secure. Thank you very much for watching, take care and have a great day.


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