Lots of Snails in the Stream and Wild Fruits: Survival Alone In The Rainforest | EP.95


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# Lots of Snails in the Stream and Wild Fruits: Survival Alone In The Rainforest | EP.95

## A Morning Routine in the Rainforest
In this episode, we follow the journey of a survivalist navigating the rainforest. Starting the day with a cup of freshly picked camellia tea, our protagonist reflects on the beauty of the natural surroundings.

## Harvesting Yams and Dealing with Challenges
Venturing out to find food, the survivalist comes across yams in a rocky area. Despite the challenging terrain, the yams are harvested with care, promising a flavorful meal.

## Hunting for Snails and Foraging Wild Fruits
Spotting signs of snails along a stream, the survivalist embarks on a hunt for these delicacies. A successful catch leads to a satisfying meal, accompanied by wild fruits found in the rainforest.

## Exploring Waterfalls and Picking Citrus Fruits
Navigating through mossy rocks and waterfalls, the survivalist discovers a hidden gem – ripe pomelos. The journey continues as more fruits are collected for future meals.

## Enjoying Nature’s Bounty
After a long day of foraging and hunting, the survivalist rests by a large rock, savoring the fruits of their labor. From crispy palm tree trunks to sweet wild fruits, each discovery adds to the richness of the rainforest experience.

## Conclusion
As the day comes to a close, the survivalist reflects on the bountiful harvest and the beauty of nature. With a heart full of gratitude, the journey continues, one day at a time in the rainforest.

Thank you for watching this episode of survival in the rainforest! Have a great day!


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