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# Preparing for Winter Watering Calves at Engels Coach Shop

## Installing Flexible PVC Water Line
I recently purchased a 1.5-inch flexible PVC water line, which I stretched out to prepare for installation. This water line comes in 100-foot rolls, and I have two rolls that I will splice together to reach the fire hydrant outside the building. After plumbing the lines, I will use a Bobcat to backfill the area.

## Digging a Tunnel
To protect the water line from freezing temperatures, I dug a tunnel underneath the entire water system. Despite the windy weather, I secured the upper end of the line in the shed for protection.

## Plumbing Work
After measuring and cutting the water line to fit the fire hydrant location, I attached the necessary fittings. Due to the unavailability of a brass nipple, I used stainless steel for the connection. All the mounting hardware is brass to withstand underground conditions.

## Completing the Plumbing System
I connected the water line to the fire hydrant and added a transparent half-inch tube as a sight gauge for the water tank. The flexible PVC line runs through the wall, where I sealed all connections to prevent leaks.

## Testing the Water System
Before filling the water tank, I tested all the joints with a water load. The water line extends beneath the floor and through the wall to supply the tank. The sight gauge proved helpful in monitoring the water level during the filling process.

## Conclusion
Despite facing some challenges during the installation, I managed to complete the winter water system for the calves at Engels Coach Shop. As I continue to make improvements, I look forward to ensuring a reliable water supply for the animals in the upcoming seasons. Thank you for following along!


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