HOW (NOT) TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL in 2020 | Top 10 Mistakes Creators Make


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# 10 Things I Did Wrong When Starting My YouTube Channel

## Introduction
Now I really truly believe that if I hadn’t done any of these 10 things, I could have broken a million subscribers by now or who knows. Hello and welcome back to my channel or if you are new here, then hi hello welcome! My name is Maddie and I make videos. Today, I’m going to be talking about all things YouTube, specifically the things I did wrong when I started this channel and what I would 100% not do if I could go back.

## Lack of Consistency
Inconsistency is the biggest killer on YouTube. Infrequent uploads can hinder your channel’s growth. I initially created my channel in 2014 but wasn’t committed to regular uploads. Taking big breaks and lack of engagement resulted in slow subscriber growth. It’s crucial to avoid inconsistency and maintain a regular upload schedule.

## Lack of Theme
Inconsistency in the type of content produced can confuse viewers and hinder subscriber growth. Focusing on a specific niche or theme helps attract and retain subscribers. While it’s not necessary to stick to one niche, having a clear theme for your content can make it easier for viewers to engage with your channel.

## Conclusion
Reflecting on my experiences, I realize that consistency and a clear theme are essential for YouTube success. By avoiding these mistakes and staying dedicated to producing quality content, I could have achieved greater growth on my channel. If you’re starting a YouTube channel, remember to prioritize consistency and establish a clear theme for your content to attract and retain subscribers. Thank you for watching, and I hope these insights are helpful for your YouTube journey!


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