How Do You Get Discovered On YouTube – How To Get Your YouTube Noticed


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# How Do You Get Discovered On YouTube – How To Get Your YouTube Noticed

## Satisfy YouTube Needs
It’s getting harder and harder every day to stand out and get your content discovered on YouTube. To get noticed, you have to create better videos that keep your audiences on the platform as much as you can. Bring value to people and give them a good reason to watch your videos to get discovered on YouTube. If you can keep people watching 50% of your content, YouTube is more likely to recommend and suggest more of your videos.

## Harmonious 3 Pillars
To attract the attention of people browsing YouTube, you need to focus on three pillars:
1. **Captivating Thumbnail:** The thumbnail should be eye-catching to encourage people to click and watch your video.
2. **Title:** The title should be intriguing to make viewers interested in your content.
3. **First Few Seconds:** Don’t waste time with long introductions, get into your content quickly to keep viewers engaged.

## Tease Your Video Content
Create interest in the first few seconds of your video to encourage viewers to watch till the end. Use questions or humor to grab their attention and keep them engaged. Align your thumbnail, title, and first few seconds to prevent viewers from clicking away.

## Be Unique And Different
Avoid creating “Me Too” content. Be creative and find new ideas to attract your audience with fresh concepts. Do thorough research in your niche to create unique and engaging video content.

## Create Shareable Content
Make your content emotional, trending, relatable, and valuable to your audience. Encourage sharing by providing content that evokes feelings or provides helpful tips and advice.

## Brand Consistency
Ensure your brand identity is consistent across all social media platforms. Your channel art, thumbnails, and overall design should reflect your brand to make it easily recognizable to viewers.

## Create A Blog Or A Website
Expand your reach by creating a blog or website around your channel’s topic. Write articles and embed your videos to attract both readers and viewers. This can help satisfy the needs of different types of audiences.

## Consistency On YouTube
Consistency is key to success on YouTube. Post regularly to show YouTube that you are bringing people back to the platform. This will help promote your content and lead to long-term success.

By following these tips, you can improve your chances of getting noticed on YouTube, gaining more views and subscribers for your channel. Patience and consistency are essential in growing your channel and reaching a wider audience.


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