Koncert « Jesteś darem z nieba » Małgosia Nowak Effatha


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Koncert « Jesteś darem z nieba » Małgosia Nowak Effatha

May the blessing of light be upon you

At the start of the concert, the audience was greeted with a powerful message of light and blessings. The speaker emphasized the importance of light both on the outside and on the inside, setting a tone of positivity and warmth for the event.

May the Lord fill you with the river of light

As the concert continued, the theme of light and blessings was further explored. The audience was encouraged to open their hearts to the river of light that the Lord provides, filling them with warmth and positivity.

And let your heart radiate like the burning coals of the fire

The concert reached a climax with a powerful message about radiating light from within. The speaker urged the audience to let their hearts shine like burning coals, welcoming friends and strangers alike with open arms and warmth.


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