He is Moving In…


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# He is Moving In…

## A Major Change in Our Household

Y’all see the title I’m not gonna say the title out loud for a reason, I’m not saying the title out loud but y’all see the title get in here get in here get in here right now you’re right there. Um, I’ve got something to share with you all there’s a change in our household. Y’all getting here getting here getting hit with like [ __ ] I know some of y’all don’t want to hear this and that’s okay with me, I’m okay with that but I’m wrong. That’s okay that’s okay I’m okay with it I’m okay with it get it here get in here get in here. I’m all right with that.

## The Big Revelation

How y’all doing we’re actually in Miami right now welcome to Miami where that’s where we’re at right now okay y’all in here she said oh my god oh my god. Okay so y’all ready let me make sure my light is right okay so as you see by the time there’s a major change happening in our household I know some of y’all cat oh hold on Kathy says not a good move Kathy says not a good move Trisha said I hope it’s not the bulldogs. Okay oh lord jesus okay let’s see here all right so here’s the deal okay there’s somebody who’s been around some of y’all may have been aware of this person some of y’all may not and I decided something about in fact let me just go ahead and bring them in. Are y’all ready?

## Introducing the New Household Member

I know y’all confused I’m like I’m confused what is going on what is going on okay so this is my other deputy DJ and so DJ is like it’s as confused as you all okay don’t write the title of the video in the comments you try not to read the comments okay. So listen listen listen listen listen he only said what drama is going on there’s no drama so DJ is from Texas same place with Marco from my teammates and so DJ came out to California and I invited him out because I said you know hey you can finish high school you can come out to California to visit right so DJ comes out to California and we’re in Florida right now okay honey and so the whole plan for this trip is that you know with you’re supposed to go back to um to um Texas going around Sunday yeah that basically we kind of went through this trip kind of a birthday trip for me but not just as a birthday trip for me but kind of as the last survival of you for being out here has been doing really good he came out here he came out here started working for the business he does he works from home so even in Texas you can continue to work from home working with the business he works for Bank Flow which is the business that me and Marco have he’s been exceptional been amazing and all those other good things.

## The Proposal

He’s been exceptionally amazing and so I want to thank you for coming out here and very quickly getting some mixed things you are great with household chores you do everything and I want to tell you something to see how you feel about it. How would you feel about if rather than flying back to L.A to Dallas how would you feel about it permanently moving in for real yeah how do you feel about first looking forward Miami and then we’ll be in L.A but yes so the whole idea is this me and Marco talked about it last night and we were like you know what we’re both sad about being able to go back cause y’all don’t see DJ but DJ is so healthy he’s always around and we’re both sad about you and go back and we were like what if you just stay out here and stay in California where we go you go you and I like right and the thing about DJ is that DJ’s gonna click like and click share this is good news y’all DJ is an amazing musician right so I feel like being in California should be good for you DJ is learning to film so being in California be good for you but above all I just think that California is a good place to be you know I mean Marco’s doing well you know they’re basically the same thing CJ’s just a couple months younger and I’m just like I think that it’s an environment where everyone can kind of click and connect and do great things so meet our new household remember y’all get up here we’re getting a shot together y’all get here I want to get a good cover shot of the family the expanded family y’all let me do it right let me get it right y’all oh my god y’all comment below wish DJ well are you gonna do it for real you sure yeah y’all click like click share y’all bye.


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