Best Way To Make Money with YouTube Shorts WITHOUT Showing Your Face


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# How to Make Money with YouTube Shorts

Now this can be a guaranteed way to make money with YouTube shorts. Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of videos on people saying how to make money on YouTube shorts, there are a lot of them. Anyway, so I saw this method recently that using paid traffic to an affiliate offer, but I thought why not use YouTube shorts as the traffic source. And instead of just sending those happy buyers to an affiliate link, I’ll be trying to set up something a little bit different that apparently increases the chances of somebody buying something, all the software that I’ll be using, you could use for free as long as you like, and did I mentioned, you could grab those in the first link in the description below? Oh, well, you could to get access, you just have to hit this like button. And then the links to that software will just magically appear below. It’s true, try.

## Making Money with YouTube Shorts

You know, we are using YouTube shorts to drive traffic to this money making method. And we will get into exactly how to set that up. But this video is about making money using YouTube shorts. So let’s first see how you can do that, to start thinking about this, just like you who would like to make money online. There are other people that want to make money online as well. And why I’m mentioning that is because this strategy is centered around the space of earning money online, I No need to worry, I’m not going to drag this on to the middle or make your way to the end of the video to actually find out how you’re going to make money with this. I’m actually going to share this with you first right now, the idea here is to drive traffic to an affiliate marketing product where you can make sales. And there are many affiliate marketing networks you can choose from like Warrior Plus, they just don’t 24 and Clickbank. And the truth is with this method, you could use this with any affiliate marketing network that you want. But for simplicity. And because I’ve already found a product for you to recommend. I’ll be going with ClickBank on this one. So if you don’t have an account, you can click Start here to register for free. And once you’re done with that hit login, go up to marketplace, or you can see a whole bunch of different categories. And you can use this method on any one of the products in these categories. Well, of course, you’ll have to tweak it a little bit based on the shorts that you will be creating, which we will get into into a little bit. But in this video, we’re going to go into the business and marketing category and scroll down to this product here called perpetual income 365. And what this is, is basically the sales page that one of your customers will be seeing when they click your affiliate link and land here directing them to look at this video on how they can make perpetual income every month, all they would need to do is fill out their email address claim their spot, then the owner of this program would start selling them by sending them emails and then eventually pitching a once it purchases product. This is the commission that you will win the opportunity for recurring billing. Because this is a proven product in terms of it already doing well on the platform, there’s already content that you could use to market this so that you could start making sales and it can be conveniently accessed via this affiliate page right here. Now they say you can make up to $540 per sale with this. The reason for that is because they offer these leads that you send them a trial, and then they upsell them on these different products. Once the customer buys, you can make up to this $540 per sale with the opportunity for monthly recurring income. But what we’re really here for on this page separately, all of the different testimonials here that you can use, what we’re actually really here for is a video that we could use as well as some emails that has been proven to get them seals. So just fill out your information here quickly and then hit join the fun to get access to that type of content, some of the highest converting email swipes, then they’re like five or six different emails, actually no, there’s more about eight different emails you could use. So keep that tab open because we’re coming back to that, in case you’re not sure. Over here back on the Search tab is where you will get your affiliate link by perpetual income, you just hit this promote button, and then generate the hop link to whichever landing page that you choose that Hoplink is your affiliate link. So once you click it, this link will show up below here and you just simply hit Copy. Now in order to send these emails to those potential customers, we need to get the email address first. And to do that, we’re going to use this service called System IO that will help us set up a landing page, as well as send all of those emails for free. So check out the link in the description below where you can get started with System IO for free. Once you hit that link, you’ll just have to enter an email address and then hit get started for free. Once you’re logged in, come over to funnels here. Then hit Create select build an audience and call this one hook actual income just for easy reference it creates. I want to keep this first page very simple because the idea here is to get somebody to fill out their email address that is the one main goal. So find something simple just like this one here. It’s selected Edit Page, an order and I’m going to come up with the content for this ourselves, but the headline or even the button let’s stick with what works I found this option here as well as this other one that I got on the affiliate page and I kind of like this one so let’s see how we could take this one and modify it how to make recurring monthly commissions. I will just change this last line here. This simple. Change the color to green. So we want when somebody fills out their name and their email address, and then they hit get instant access, it then takes them to this page where they hit play, and then they get instant access. Once they clean their spot should make sure that we’ll click the button, come over to here and hit action when button click hit the short pop up to send form because we want to get the email address. And after that, we want to direct them to a custom URL, which will be the affiliate link. Remember, you can grab that by hitting promote, and then generate hop link, and then hit Copy. Now come back to here, then Save. Now you can go ahead and change the color of the font, the background, right, so you can make all of those other changes if you want. But just for the example for this video, I’m going to…

By following these steps, you can effectively make money with YouTube shorts using affiliate marketing strategies. Utilize the power of YouTube shorts to drive traffic to your affiliate products and start earning money online today.


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