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# Answering Burning Questions: A Look into My Life

## Introduction
So hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel. A while ago, I posted a Q&A sticker on my Instagram stories asking you to ask me some of the burning questions that you have for me. Today, I’ll be answering all the questions. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

## Relationship Status and Music Taste
– Are you single at this time of filming? Yes, I’m single.
– Can you share with us your taste in music? I listen to all kinds of music, including R&B, rap, hip hop, and even Chinese music occasionally.

## Personal Life and Nationality
– Where do you stay in SG? Well, that’s a secret.
– What’s your nationality? I’m a pure Singaporean Chinese.
– How are you? I’m good, making some changes in my life and manifesting good energy.

## OnlyFans and Gym Playlist
– Please do OnlyFans? What’s OnlyFans?
– Do you sweat a lot? I would say I’m average.
– What’s your to-go gym playlist on music? I occasionally play beast workout music on YouTube Music.

## Travel Experiences and Relationships
– Have you ever visited the Philippines? Yes, I visited in February 2020 and had an amazing experience.
– What’s so difficult in finding a romantic partner? It’s challenging due to distractions and commitment issues in today’s world.

## Personal Preferences and Pet Peeves
– Do you love to sing? Yes, I love to sing.
– Human pet peeves: loud chewing, late replies to messages, and people who ghost you.

## Personal Care and Education
– What kind of skin products do you use the most? I use a cleanser, oil cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and serum.
– What’s your bachelor’s degree in? I have a bachelor’s with honors from the School of Art Design Media in NTU, Singapore.

## Relationship Values and Free Time
– What do you value the most when looking for a partner? Honesty, open communication, loyalty, and affection.
– What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re free? I enjoy lying on my bed and watching YouTube videos or Netflix shows.

In conclusion, answering these burning questions gave insight into my personal life, preferences, and values. Thank you for your curiosity and stay tuned for more content on my YouTube channel!


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