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# Donald Trump announces the construction of a great WALL in Paris

In a surprising turn of events, President Trump recently addressed the people of Paris with a bold promise of happiness and prosperity through the construction of a great WALL. This WALL, according to Trump, will not only bring prosperity but also protect the city from colossal titan attacks.

## Inspiration from Madagascar The Movie

The idea for the WALL came to Trump after watching Madagascar The Movie, where he noticed the clever wordplay with « LeMURs » (MUR-WALL). This inspired him to create his own version of the WALL, which he believes will shock enemies and deter any attempts to breach it.

## Funding and Support

Despite concerns about the cost of such a project, Trump reassured the crowd that he had only borrowed one million dollars for the construction of the WALL. With the crowd chanting « YES, WE CAN! », Trump expressed confidence in the success of the project.

## The Future of Paris

As Trump urged the audience to share the video of his announcement on their walls, he left them with a sense of anticipation for the future of Paris. With a mix of excitement and uncertainty, the crowd cheered and celebrated the upcoming construction of the great WALL.

In conclusion, Trump’s announcement has sparked a mix of reactions among the people of Paris, from excitement to skepticism. Only time will tell the true impact of the WALL on the city and its inhabitants.


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