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# Last To The Wild | Episode 1 | Short Film | The Great Untold | Netflix

## The Call of the Wild

In the short film « Last To The Wild, » we are taken on a journey to the rugged and untamed landscapes of Alaska. The protagonist, Jesse, finds solace in the vast expanse of the tundra, the scent of spruce in the air, and the feeling of freedom that comes with over half a million miles of untouched wilderness.

## A Farewell to Alaska

As Jesse prepares to leave Alaska behind, he grapples with the idea of losing his Alaskan identity. Surrounded by friends at a party, he raises a toast to « not Alaska, » signaling his readiness to move on to new adventures.

## The Long-Distance Connection

Despite the distance between them, Jesse and his brother Ben stay connected through phone calls. Ben has moved to the city, embracing a new life filled with excitement and opportunities. Meanwhile, Jesse remains in Alaska, tending to the land and cherishing the memories of their time together.

## The Love for Alaska

For Jesse, Alaska is more than just a place – it’s a part of who he is. He finds purpose in planting trees and preserving the natural beauty of the land. As Ben urges him to consider leaving Alaska, Jesse’s love for the wilderness only grows stronger.

## The Tug of War

As the film unfolds, we witness the push and pull between Jesse’s loyalty to Alaska and his brother’s desire for him to join the city life. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Jesse remains steadfast in his commitment to the land he calls home.

## The Departure

In a heartbreaking and dramatic turn of events, Jesse’s final moments in Alaska are filled with tension and emotion. As he grapples with the decision to leave or stay, the true depth of his love for Alaska is revealed.

In conclusion, « Last To The Wild » is a poignant exploration of the bond between man and nature, highlighting the beauty and complexity of Alaska’s wilderness. Through Jesse’s journey, we are reminded of the importance of staying true to oneself and following the call of the wild, no matter where it may lead.


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