THE DARK SIDE OF INSTAGRAM: Losing Your Identity and Mental Health


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# THE DARK SIDE OF INSTAGRAM: Losing Your Identity and Mental Health

## The Potential Danger of Instagram
Instagram has evolved as one of the highly successful social media platforms of our times. Facebook knew the potential of Instagram when they bought it back in 2012, and it seems like they had a clear picture of what to do with Instagram. However, what worries many is that Instagram has the potential to become one of the most dangerous social media platforms when mental health is considered. The constant obsession over our feed and living our lives entangled on Instagram can lead to feelings of depression.

## Understanding the Algorithm
Many articles, forums, videos, and podcasts provide tips and techniques on how to grow on Instagram. While understanding the algorithm may seem straightforward, the key to growth on Instagram lies in spending a significant amount of time on the platform. By utilizing tools like stories, IGTV, and interacting with others’ posts, we increase our chances of engagement and growth on Instagram. The algorithm is designed to reward increased interaction and time spent on the platform.

## The Business Model of Instagram
Instagram, a free photo and video sharing platform, generates revenue through advertisements, paid promotions, and sponsored posts. By keeping users engaged and spending more time on the platform, Instagram increases Facebook’s revenue. The constant presence of Instagram gurus and influencers may create a false sense of necessity for a strong Instagram presence, leading to a cycle of seeking validation through likes, comments, and followers.

## The Psychological Impact
As users seek validation and engagement on Instagram, their sense of self-worth becomes tied to the numbers of likes and comments they receive. This constant comparison with others and the pursuit of high numbers can lead to feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and depression. Users may lose touch with their true identity and focus solely on creating content that garners high numbers, rather than what brings them genuine happiness.

## The Detrimental Effects on Mental Health
Constantly checking for likes and comments on posts can lead to a cycle of seeking validation and dopamine release. Users may become disconnected from the real world, experiencing loneliness, anxiety, and depression when not engaged with the platform. The reliance on Instagram for validation can create a false sense of identity, leading to feelings of insecurity and loss when not actively participating on the platform.

In conclusion, while Instagram can be a valuable tool for businesses and creators, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential negative impacts on mental health and self-identity. Finding a balance between engagement on social media and real-life experiences is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship with platforms like Instagram.


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