Tftjs: AI Assistants and Embeddings, Travel successes, Elon again, and more


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# Welcome to Tales from the Jar Side

## AI Assistants and Embeddings
This week, Ken Kousen discusses the latest developments in AI assistants and embeddings. He explores the idea of open AI assistance and delves into the concept of embeddings in neural networks. Ken shares his experiences with LangChain4j and how he embedded information into the neural network to ask questions based on that information.

## This Week in Elon
Ken also touches on the latest news in the world of Elon Musk, including updates on Tesla and SpaceX. He highlights some of the key tweets and announcements made by Elon Musk throughout the week.

## The Week’s Activities
Ken reflects on his busy week of teaching functional Java courses, conducting private courses on upgrading to Java 17 and the Spring framework, and delivering software design courses at Trinity College in Hartford. Despite the hectic schedule, Ken shares his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and engaging with students.

## YouTube Channel Update
Ken provides an update on his YouTube channel, celebrating reaching 871 subscribers. He mentions a recent boost in subscribers due to a mention in Guillaume Laforge’s newsletter and previews upcoming video plans for the channel.

## LeanPub and GPTs
Ken discusses an email he received from LeanPub regarding the creation of GPTs based on book contents. He explores the potential of utilizing AI assistance APIs for self-publishing authors and the challenges of integrating these new technologies into existing frameworks.

## Future Plans
Looking ahead, Ken outlines his plans to further explore AI assistants and embeddings, experimenting with LangChain4j and creating conversational retrieval chains. He shares his excitement for the possibilities offered by these technologies and looks forward to incorporating them into his future projects.

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