How I Made Shiny 3D Pixel Art


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# How I Made Shiny 3D Pixel Art

## The Year of Pokemon Cards

The year is 2021, and Pokemon cards are more popular now than ever before. Many of us remember the excitement of opening a pack as a young child, with the memories of those strange energy cards still vivid in our minds. Back then, going to a friend’s house to admire their collection of Pokemon cards was a common occurrence – a far cry from the current stay-at-home mandates.

## The Quest for Shiny Charizard

Among the many cards in our friends’ collections, the rare shiny Charizard stood out as the ultimate prize. With its significance as the ultimate evolution of Charmander, it became the holy grail of all cards. The nostalgia of owning one sparked a desire to create a shiny Charizard card.

## The Artistic Journey Begins

The process of creating Charizard in pixel art began with initial struggles and doubts about artistic ability. As the artist faced challenges in sketching and coloring, self-doubt crept in. However, with perseverance and trust in the process, the initial phase of the artwork was completed.

## From 2D to 3D

After successfully creating the 2D pixel art, the artist embarked on the journey of transforming it into a 3D masterpiece. Experimenting with textures and UV mapping, the transition from 2D to 3D was met with new obstacles and learning curves. Despite initial setbacks, the artist persisted and eventually achieved a stunning 3D rendition of the shiny Charizard card.

## The Quest for Shine

To capture the essence of the shiny Charizard, the artist delved into the world of shading and texture mapping. Through trial and error, and with the help of Discord communities, the artist navigated the complexities of node-based texturing to create a shiny effect on the card. The final result was a visually stunning piece that evoked a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction.

## The Reward of Artistic Growth

Through the process of creating the shiny 3D pixel art, the artist not only achieved a tangible outcome but also experienced personal growth and artistic development. The journey from initial sketches to the final shiny card was a testament to the power of perseverance and creativity. In the end, the artist was rewarded not only with a beautiful piece of art but also with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

In conclusion, the quest to create a shiny 3D pixel art card was a journey filled with challenges, learning opportunities, and ultimately, success. The artist’s dedication and creativity shone through in the final masterpiece, showcasing the transformative power of art and the joy of bringing nostalgic memories to life.


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