Simple step by step Tutorial on How to make beautiful Hair Accessories using beads DIY


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# Simple step by step Tutorial on How to make beautiful Hair Accessories using beads DIY

## Introduction
What’s up guys! Today we’re going to do something fun. We’ll learn how to make a dreadlock accessory with the Jamaican flag theme.

## Materials Needed
To create this beautiful accessory, you will need:
– 0.30 millimeters fishing line
– A nail cutter or a pair of scissors
– Beads in the colors of the Jamaican flag: black, yellow, and green

## Step by Step Guide
1. **Cut the Fishing Line**: Start by cutting the fishing line to approximately 15 inches or a length you’re comfortable with.
2. **Start Beading**: Begin by picking three green beads and criss-crossing on the fourth one.
3. **Balancing the Fishing Line**: Make sure your fishing line is balanced to create a neat accessory.
4. **Follow the Pattern**: The pattern used in this tutorial is the same one used in previous tutorials. If you’re new to beading, you can slow down the video or watch and practice from our previous videos.
5. **Creating the Jamaican Flag Pattern**: Mix the colors to create the unique Jamaican flag pattern using beads.

## Benefits of Making Accessories
By creating these accessories for dreadlocks, you can sell them and earn extra money. This skill can be beneficial to young people, helping them stay engaged in art and creativity.

## Importance of Art
Art can help individuals earn extra income, revive forgotten art forms, improve creativity, and keep young minds busy and away from vices.

## Conclusion
In conclusion, creating beautiful hair accessories using beads is a rewarding and creative endeavor. By trying out new skills and sharing your creations, you can inspire others and grow personally. Don’t let fears hold you back from pursuing your passions. Start today and see where your creativity takes you!


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