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# Analyzing the Sun Flash Phenomenon: Insights and Perceptions

## A Year Later: Revisiting the Sun Flash Phenomenon
Good morning dear Saskia! It has been a year since our last conversation with Dirk Seifert about love. Today, we are delving into the topic of the sun flash and its implications on our lives. Our active contact and shared perceptions have led us to plan this public conversation, combining scientific and intuitive insights.

## The Power of Differentiation in Information Processing
As we navigate through the influx of information surrounding the sun flash phenomenon, it is essential to develop the power of differentiation. We are beings of vibration and frequency, resonating with the energies of the universe. This expansion of consciousness highlights the importance of discerning which information aligns with our inner compass and resonates with our hearts.

## The Solar Energy’s Impact on Human Consciousness
The solar energy and cosmic currents emanating from the galaxy’s center influence our inner beings, organs of perception, and DNA. As we awaken to our full human potential, we experience an intense expansion of consciousness. Our heightened awareness allows us to discern what resonates with our true selves and what does not.

## The Shift in Global Consciousness and Frequency
From September 5th to 6th, a significant shift in global consciousness was felt, marking a transition towards higher frequencies. The failure of measuring stations to capture these frequencies signifies a shift beyond the previous matrix. Observations of changing cloud patterns and intensified light serve as tangible evidence of this transformation.

## Embracing the Ascension through Frequencies
The ascension process is not solely about moving to a higher dimension but embracing the frequencies of light. The sun storm wave and cosmic energies play a crucial role in this evolutionary journey. While the exact timeline remains unclear due to the timeless nature of this transformation, the shift towards higher frequencies is undeniable.

## Conclusion: Navigating the Sun Flash Phenomenon with Awareness
As we continue to navigate the sun flash phenomenon and its impact on human consciousness, it is essential to stay attuned to our inner guidance. By discerning the vibrations that resonate with our true selves, we can embrace this transformative period with awareness and clarity. Let us remain open to new insights and inspirations as we embark on this collective journey of ascension.


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