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# Subway Bread Ruled Not Actually Bread: What You Need to Know

## Irish Supreme Court Ruling
The recent headline claiming that Subway bread is not actually bread stems from a ruling by the Irish Supreme Court. The court found that Subway bread cannot legally be defined as bread under the Value Added Tax Act of 1972. The ruling came from an appeal by a Subway franchisee seeking a refund of Value Added Tax Payment, arguing that Subway’s bread should qualify as a staple food. However, Subway’s bread contains a sugar content that exceeds the limit allowed under the Act, disqualifying it as a staple food.

## Voter Registration Efforts
Amidst the upcoming election, there has been a significant focus on voter registration. Social media platforms like Snapchat have played a crucial role in helping over 1 million people register to vote through in-app tools. Influencers like Kylie Jenner and David Dobrik have also taken steps to promote voter registration among their followers, resulting in tens of thousands of new registered voters.

## David Dobrik’s Voter Registration Campaign
YouTube star David Dobrik partnered with HeadCount, a nonpartisan nonprofit, to give away five Tesla Model 3s as part of a voter registration campaign. The campaign saw a record-breaking success, with over 100,000 new voter registrations and 250,000 others verifying their registration status within 24 hours of launch. Dobrik’s efforts have been particularly noteworthy, considering his audience’s demographic and his own status as a Dreamer.

## Katie Porter’s Viral Clip
A viral clip featuring Representative Katie Porter questioning the former CEO of Celgene about price gouging in connection to the cancer drug Revlimid has gained widespread attention. Porter’s pointed questions highlighted the exorbitant compensation received by the CEO and the impact of price increases on his bonuses, shedding light on the issue of pharmaceutical pricing practices.

In conclusion, recent events have underscored the importance of voter registration efforts and brought attention to issues like food classification and corporate practices. As the election draws near, these developments serve as reminders of the significance of civic engagement and accountability.


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